Padded Partition Wall

Soft Group Showcase

Padded Partition Wall

An ambitious commission for a converted factory, this decorative
padded wall spans the height of two floors.

Made from MDF, padded with foam and covered within a foil coated
stretch nylon fabric.

One-Off Specials

If you have a very unique textile item in mind, The Soft Group can help you realise your idea.

No matter how large, intricate or unusual your project may be, our years of experience mean that we will be able to design and manufacture it.

Padded enclosure

Padded Enclosure

Commissioned for use at a Mental Health Care Home to keep patients safe. Made from PVC, foam, Velcro and webbing

Upholstered Boat Cushions

Boat Upholstery

These cushions, which could also by used in caravans and campervans, are made from foam and can be covered in fabric or vinyl

PVC Playset

Kids Playset

This large set of numerous PVC and foam pieces with matting is made to
be enjoyed by kids of all ages

Giant Lips

Giant Hands

These hands were commissioned by
a marketing company for use during training seminars. Made from foam, wadding and fluorescent PU

Supersized PVC Question Mark

Supersize Question Mark

This fun shape, at approx 2 metres
tall was designed for a marketing campaign. Made from large sections
of foam and vinyl covered

Giant Lips


Giant Lips designed for a sales gimmick at an exhibition. 60cm wide and made from foam, wadding and PVC