Japanese kneeling cushions

Soft Group Showcase

Kneeling cushions

These cushions designed for kneeling or meditation were commissioned
by Foam Techniques.

Made from memory foam and stretch jersey covers with two thousand
manufactured in their initial run.

Multiple Production

All of these products are examples of ones we have made many of, often in their thousands.

Large numbers of an item can be manufactured for you within an agreed deadline, and the greater the production run the more cost effective it is.

Smooth Rounded Stools


These smooth rounded stools were designed for the UK Prison Service
for their safety aspect. Made from contract vinyl and foam

Hospital Bedside Covers

Bedside Covers

Made to measure to fit the side bars
on hospital beds, these covers are designed to eliminate bruising.
Made from FR vinyl and foam

Physiotherapy Wedges

Physiotherapy Wedges

These large items are designed to provide support when exercising.
Made from PVC and Foam



Commissioned by Foam Techniques. These filters were made from wadding and open cell foam and stitched together using a zig zag stitch

Motorcycle stand protectors

Motorcycle Stand Protectors

These protectors commissioned by BikerTidy provide protective padding on a much larger stand. Made from foam backed loop nylon



Get your promotional message across with banners that are built to last.
Manufactured in highly durable PVC with strengthened edges.