channel 4 jigsaw

Soft Group Showcase

Channel 4 Soft Jigsaw

These giant soft jigsaw puzzles were commissioned for the Channel 4
Roadshow by Shurville Signs and Designs.

Carefully made from PVC and Foam so the pieces fitted neatly together
and screen printed with the Channel 4 logo.

Bespoke Items

Whether it is a promotional item or one for a very specific purpose, we can design and manufacture it for you.

An eye catching, unusual product with your logo on it will get people talking and help advertise your brand even more effectively.

Large Blue Dice

Giant Dice

These dice measuring 30cm wide
were designed for outdoor games. Made from PVC and foam and the
dots welded on for touch sensitivity

Red 'Decision' dice

Giant 'Decision' Dice

These 30cm dice were commissioned to be used for training sessions at the Home Office. Made from PVC and foam with PVC lettering

engine cover

Boat Engine Cover

A cover designed to protect a boat engine while stored on the boat and
to avoid accidents. Made from PVC and Velcro

Horsebox protection

Horse Box Padding

Protective padding that attach's to existing wood panels to cushion the horse whilst in transit. Made from
PVC, foam and eyelets

Vets stand

Padding for Veterinary Practice

Designed for use in a padded horse enclosure. Made from PVC, foam
and velcro

Upholstered Oserving hatch 'Mouth' for a Yoghurt Van

Yogurt Van 'Mouth'

Designed to be a fun addition for the van and firmly secured over its serving hatch. Made from PVC and foam